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Making Your First 1 Million On Instagram As A Food Vendor

Food is one of man's most basic needs. The food industry has gained more relevance like never before. Not only has the food industry advanced, but it has evolved from simply visiting a shop where food is ready to more advanced way of satisfying customers cravings. Social media like Instagram has also created  an avenue were meeting customers has become so much easier for example, customers can order any food they like from anywhere they like online without having to wait on long queues to be attended to. Also, speedy delivery services has become an advantage to why the food industry is striving like never before. So this course is for you who already has a food business or planning to venture into one.

What's included?

  • 3 Modules
  • 4 Videos
  • Assessment
  • Certificate


Entrepreneurship / Business Skills


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About the course

This is a course curated from my experience as a food vendor, restaurateur and marketing specialist. The modules are very easy to understand and will do you good as a start up food business when you apply these simple tips and principles.
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What you will learn?

  • Understanding the principle of pricing for your food business.
  • You will learn about Marketing strategies for pre launch, launch and post launch of your business.
  • Understanding supply chain
  • How to figure out your niche in the food industry
  • How to effectively scale your food business thereby increasing your income.  

Happy Learning!

Course contents

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Meet the Instructor

Ujenyu Joy Sani

She is a social media strategist, digital marketer, serial entrepreneur, skilled negotatitor with 7+ years’ experience in ideating route-to-market strategies upon sustainable business models, and through integrated marketing. Ujenyu Joy Sani is a serial entrepreneur, cofounding a few business enterprises which include; 2k Ankara Tops, a fashion brand on a mission to share Africa with the world. Outbox Business solutions, a consultancy with a focus on building viable startups.

Going Orange, an Agricultural produce marketing business.

She also founded All Things Nigerian square, a digital marketing company. She is passionate about creating jobs and making even the playing field for women entrepreneurs. She is an author, having worked on 2 anthologies compiling the perspectives of women and girls on Gender Equality from all over Africa. Ms. Sani is a proud cofounder of IdeaCon; a community of original thinkers and doers who believe in 'mind over matter'.