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"The FCCPC is committed to ensuring a fair and competitive marketplace for all Nigerians. We encourage consumers to continue reporting suspected price gouging and other unfair trade practices. Together, we can work towards a more stable, fair, and competitive marketplace for all Nigerians."
Adamu Ahmed Abdullahi

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Master No-Code Mobile App Building and start Earning in 7 Days

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Welcome to the world of No-Code Mobile App Building 
This course will guide you through the step-by-step process of building mobile apps for different audiences without writing a single line of code - radio app, influencer app, newspaper app, employee app, business apps, religious apps and much more. Build for yourself and build for your clients and keep 100% of the revenue. 

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How we do you know Nigeria?

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In this Game series, we will be testing your knowledge of Nigeria - slogans, leaders, tourist attractions, people, history, current affairs, and more. More content will be added every month. Ready to have some fun? 

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